Over 20 years of experience of process and equipment design for the automotive industry part of flexible robotic assembly lines related to spot and MIG welding applications.

Our team is able to expand our staff and update our software to stay current with changing technology.

Like all the clients before, you will receive the highest quality and best productivity possible when you choose to work with our engineering company. 


Latest Projects

What We Have Already Done

Core Features of SDS

Tooling Design

3D tooling and weld fixtures design suitable for any flexible robotic assembly lines such as: GEO spot weld fixtures, re-spot fixtures, PED-welders, transfer stations, robot end-effectors etc.

Engineering and Consulting

Providing professional Engineering and Consulting services to support our client’s goals and benefits. Our advantage lies in the breadth of our experience and expertise in automotive industry. We offer project management consulting, as well, tailored to our client’s frameworks and methodology, realized trough a controlled and transparent set of activities to achieve the expected results in time and budget.

Process Concept Design

Generating a good and accurate process solutions is considered as key in our philosophy and this is the main reason why we pay such attention to all this details like: Assembly Process Concept Design, Cycle time Analysis, Robot Utilization Analysis, Operator Utilization Analysis, Ergo Studies.


SDS is offer training in following areas:

  • Design and dimensioning
  • Process Engineering and concept approach
  • Process Flow Diagram
  • Resources Utilization
  • Cycle time understanding and interpretation

Cycle Time Analysis

  • Resources Utilization Analysis (operators and robots)
  • Logistics and part feeding into the line is part of our studies and analysis
  • Operator Ergo Studies

Our Mission

Achieve a rewarding quality and manufacturing experience for all stakeholders by delivering a higher standard of design and engineering solutions